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About us : How to Join Unison

How to Become a Member of Unison?
If you wish to become a member of Unison NGO, please fill in the following form and return it to us. You will hear from us within three business days after receipt of your application.

Application for Membership

Lines pointed with red color is obligatory to fill: *
First Name: *
Middle Name:
Family Name: *
Date of Birth: YYYY-MM-DD*
Address: *
E-mail: *
Phone: *
Profession: *
Do you work? Yes , No
If yes, where?
Why do you want to join Unison?
Do you have a disability? Yes , No
If yes, please mark all that apply.
Spinal Cord Injury
Cerebral Palsy
Visual Impairment
Hearing Impairment
Mental/Developmental Disability
Other (Please describe) :
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Cooperation and Volunteers
Unison is interested in cooperation with any international, foreign and/or local organization that shares our philosophy and is concerned about the challenges facing people with disabilities. Working together allows us to exchange experience and can often lead to new, innovative programs.
The involvement of volunteers is also very important for Unison. Adding the asset of your physical and intellectual talents to our work will benefit not only our organization, but the many people with disabilities depending on us.

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