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Because technology and information for people with disabilities is so vitally important, Unison took an unprecedented step by creating and maintaining three disability-related websites (, and In addition, we also created and maintain two extraordinarily successful websites, whose subject matter attracts visitors in unprecedented numbers. These two premiere websites are Virtual Museums of the great Armenian composers – Aram Khachaturian ( and Komitas Vardapet ( The sites allow people all over the world to get acquainted with both the work and lives of these exceptional musicians. Visitors to the sites will find the composers’ biographies, impressive galleries, personal letters, and other unique information. Free music downloads of Komitas’ and Aram Khachaturian’s music are also available. Both of these Virtual Museums are very popular destinations among those who are interested in learning more about Armenia’s rich cultural heritage. Each day visitors to these sites contact us with positive feedback and comments about these sites and these world renowned musicians.
Information Center for People with Disabilities
Official website of Komitas Vardapet
Official website of Aram Khachaturian
Official website of the Paros Chamber Choir
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