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Government Agencies
The government agency responsible for disability issues in Armenia is the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (Minister: Arsen Hambardzumyan, tel.: +37410 526831, 565383).

Within the Ministry, a Department on Disabled and Elderly People operates (Head of Department: Jemma Baghdasaryan, tel.: +37410 521761).

In order to obtain the status of a person with a disability, an individual should apply to the local polyclinics, undergo an appropriate medical examination and obtain a voucher, which must be then submitted to a medico-social expert commission (MSEC). If the person is unable to visit the local MSEC in person, then special arrangements should be made to have the MSEC staff visit the patient either at home or in the hospital.

The complete list of MSECs operating in Armenia, including the names of their department heads and the contact information can be found in the Armenian version of this Website.

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