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Leisure and recreation are an important part of everyone’s life. They not only enhance one’s health and well-being, but also increase our circle of friends and our interaction with the wider community.

Everyone, with or without a disability, has their own ways of enjoying themselves and relaxing.

It might be participating in sports or other physical activities, attending sporting and cultural events, trying various hobbies, listening to music, reading a good book, watching movies, or socializing with friends.

Though societal attitudes are becoming more inclusive in Armenia, the physical challenge of accessibility to facilities, equipment, leisure clubs or recreational areas makes access very difficult for people with disabilities.

Sporting opportunities for people with disabilities in Armenia have increased in recent years.

In 1994, the National Paralympics Committee of Armenia was established. It coordinates the disability sports in the country. The National Paralympics Committee is a member of the International Paralympics Committee.

Since 1996, Armenian sportsmen and sportswomen with disabilities have participated in all of the Paralympics. Sailing, powerlifting, swimming, table tennis and wheelchair basketball are the most popular sports among people with disabilities in Armenia.

Several creative groups of people with disabilities operate in Armenia. Among the most notable of these groups are the Paros Chamber Choir ( and the Ovasis Theater-Studio of deaf people.

The majority of cultural establishments (concert halls, museums, theaters, etc.) are inaccessible for people with limited mobility. As a result, they rarely can attend concerts, exhibitions and other cultural events.

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