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About us : Center for Independent Living
As part of our core mission, Unison strongly encourages people with disabilities to live as full and as independent a life as possible. Many barriers to independent living exist in Armenia and little information is available for people seeking assistance. To address these issues, in 2006, Unison opened the first Center for Independent Living in Armenia for people with disabilities. The center consists of two departments: The Information Department and the Independent Living Skills Department.

The Information Department provides useful information concerning people with disabilities, including:
Contact information for relevant State and Local Government agencies
Contact information for relevant medico-social expert commissions
Contact information for medical and rehabilitation institutions with options available for free medical treatment within the framework of the “state order”
Contact information for organizations providing assistive equipment (wheelchairs, hearing-aids, etc.)
Opportunities for education and training
Opportunities for inclusion in cultural and sports activities
Contact information for non-governmental organizations working with the areas of disability and human rights

The Independent Living Skills Department addresses the following issues:

  • Use of assistive devices
  • Care and self-care
  • Communication skills
  • Health
  • Housing
  • Family and sexual life
  • Leisure planning

The services of this Department include peer-to-peer support and publication of instructional booklets on the above topics.
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