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Social security

According to Armenia’s Law On State Pensions, people with disabilities receive either disability insurance or a social pension.

Disability insurance pensions are granted to persons, who have been classified disabled by Medico-Social Expert Commissions (MSEC):

  1. as a result of labor trauma or occupational disease – irrespective of their working period;
  2. as a result of general disease, congenital disease, natural disasters, man-caused and other accidents, providing at the moment of assigning disability status the person had worked for the following periods:

    Age Working Period

    • under 23 – 2 years
    • 23 – 26 – 3 years
    • 26 – 30 – 4 years
    • 30 and over – 5 years
Disability social pensions are granted to those persons who do not have the right to receive a disability insurance pension, as well as to children with disabilities.

Social disability pensions are granted for the entire period of the disability.

The amounts of social disability pensions are as follows:

  1. for people with disabilities within the 1st category and children with disabilities – at the rate of 140 percent of the basic pension
  2. for people with disabilities within the 2nd category – at the rate of 120 percent of the basic pension
  3. for people with disabilities within the 3rd category – at the rate of 100 percent of the basic pension.
Elderly and disabled citizens of Armenia are eligible to receive free nursing/care at home, at social security institutions, or in socio-rehabilitation day centers.

The nursing/care is provided to people with disabilities who are at retirement age, or to single disabled people ages 18 and over, who need such a care and have no legal care provider or an able-bodied family member.

The following at home services are provided: consumer services, medical aid and service, socio-psychological aid, and legal advice.

The social security institution provides qualifying persons:

  • Necessary furniture
  • Clothing, linen, shoes, bedding
  • Personal hygiene accessories

The social security institution organizes the following for its visitors:

  • Food (at least three times per day)
  • Primary medical aid
  • Socio-psychological aid
  • Legal advice
  • Supplying with prosthetic-orthopedic and rehabilitation devices
  • Medico-social expertise
  • Assignment to a permanent medical institution
  • Leisure activities

The socio-rehabilitation day center’s mission is to provide care during daylight hours.

In the center the visitors receive:

  • Food (once per day)
  • Primary medical aid
  • Socio-psychological aid
  • Legal advice

    The center organizes leisure and cultural activities for its visitors.

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